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SACRED GEOMETRY at National Sawdust

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

National Sawdust invites you to Sacred Geometry, a meditative electro-acoustic improvisation on visual sound patterns generated by resonances of sound waves. Music by Ricardo Romaneiro with live projections by Christian Hannon. In performance with Ola Gjeilo (piano), John Hadfield(percussion), Jacqui Kerrod (electric harp), Hannah Sumner (vocals), Justin Abrams (cello), Ramin Abrams (bass),Noision/ Ravi (analog synth), David Zisa (modular synth) Leo Leite (engineer) & with special guest String Noise

Geometry is number in space, music is number in time. These geometries in music ascribes symbolic meaning to certain shapes and patterns in certain proportions – it uses the laws of vibrations to manifest aurally emotions and what exists at the center of everything. Join us for an ambient and pulsating exploration on the symmetry of sound accompanied by live visuals.

On Program

Cymatics – piano & electronics [Ola Gjeilo & Ricardo Romaneiro]

Phi 1.618 – percussion loops [John Hadfield]

Wavelengths – electric harp [Jacqui Kerrod]

Sacred Geometry : Meditations on Sound Patterns [Romaneiro]