Kansas City takes the pennant! / by Pauline Kim Harris

Couldn't be more excited to watch the upcoming world series! It starts next week. When did I become such a baseball lover? Well, naturally my hometown Dodgers were always my favorite. I didn't grow up going to any games or anything. Had too much violin practicing to do. The closest I got was driving around in my gramp's Oldsmobile with the radio blasting the Angels games.

So, my very very first real baseball experience was when I saw the Mets. Then, I started going to more games with a girlfriend of mine while at Juilliard -- instead of practicing (the violin). Eventually, I was introduced to the Royals by my husband who is from Kansas City. We would watch them every season. Before long, I was hooked. Not only are they a great team, but they just get better and better. I find it so inspiring.

In a nutshell, watching the Kansas City Royals play the New York Mets is simply going to be some of the most exciting baseball EVR.